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 Object Tracking Mattes for Telecine Color Correction, Effects, and Compositing

Welcome to AFA Products Group TRAXIM and COLORDROME websites! Please check back here regularly for news about additions to the site as we add more information, examples of TRAXIM's edge finding and tracking abilities, examples of color correction and look affects that are NOT now being done in telecine but will be, and more.

06/28/00 Visit us at SIGGRAPH 2000, New Orleans! July 25-27, 2000. Booth #245
05/10/00 Today we began issuing download licenses for the Traxim V1.08, Discreet spark and Traxim Unplugged for SGI. The online manual has been posted to the site, also in downloadable form, along with the manual demo clips.
05/30/00 We have added online manuals to the website for both Traxim SD and Traxim Unplugged.