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 Auto-Tracking Mattes for Telecine Color Correction, Effects, and Compositing

TRAXIM Discreet Logic sparks* Plug-in
Discreet Logic sparks* is a registered trademark of Discreet Logic, Inc.

Start. Outline. Track. Matte. Done.

Tired of the tedium of creating mattes?
TRAXIM offers auto-tracking matte generation for the effects artist.

TRAXIM eliminates the drudgery and the valuable time it takes to create frame-by-frame approximate or "garbage" mattes. You can concentrate on creative content instead of low level tedium because TRAXIM does the work for you.

TRAXIM now offers advanced color frequency keying algorithms and relentlessly generates compositing quality mattes frame-by-frame that currently numb the hand and mind. A optional spline data set output will be available soone and will provide for export of hand-editable data for the most demanding roto work.

TRAXIM Unplugged - Multi-Platform, Standalone Matte Generation

TRAXIM Unplugged is an off-line tool that serves up mattes with virtually no load on you or your effects system

You simply show TRAXIM the object to be isolated with a quick and easy broad highlight stroke using a pen and tablet or a mouse. In an instant, TRAXIM finds the edge using edge analysis and color space uniqueness algorithms and shows you the actual outline of the object. You can then touch it up, make it over or under size, even soften it overall or just it's less defined edges. Now you have available a matte and the isolated object in that frame.

That was the easy part. Here comes the super easy part.

Now tell TRAXIM to track that object frame by frame through the clip. TRAXIM steadily shows you the matte tracking as the object changes in size and shape. This allows you to "re-tweak" the evolving matte as it's generated. Now you have the matte and the isolated object for the whole clip.

Depending on your effects system, you may want TRAXIM's DDR option to store the clip of mattes for real time playback into a key input. Or, you can simply transfer clip frames via standard graphics file formats.

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