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Object Tracking Mattes for Telecine Color Correction, Effects, and Compositing

New for NAB 2000!

Traxim is a new technology edge-finder key. It uses advanced machine vision algorithms to locate the boundary of an object and automatically track it as it moves and changes shape. Traxim does not rely on color differences, allowing mattes to be pulled from objects which have not been blue or green screened. Unlike conventional roto methods, Traxim only requires a quick and easy broad outline to be drawn by the artist. Advanced machine vision techniques take over from there. Variable softness and sizing can be applied to the generated matte as well as softness derived from the original image. Traxim also features a new technology color difference key, known as the Detail Layer. This provides color-key like detail and transparency derived from the object which is able to be mixed with the applied softness from the edge finder key. Traxim can be used for color correction windows, automated garbage matte generation, or as a power-assist for roto applications. Traxim permits many mattes to be created on a semi-automated basis, with very little time or effort by the artist.

The Traxim Discreet spark* has a regular list price of $3,500.

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