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 Object Tracking Mattes for Telecine Color Correction, Effects, and Compositing

We'll be adding more demos including movies in the very near future. In the meantime here's a simple demo which illustrates the power of TRAXIM. These are actual TRAXIM screen grabs. Click on any image to get a larger version and use your browser BACK button to return.

The original image. Try isolating a few apples with your favorite selection tool.

With TRAXIM you simply draw a broad hilight over the boundary of the object you wish to isolate.

Once you've hilighted the image, TRAXIM quickly determines the exact edge of the objects.

TRAXIM then generates an external key signal for your color corrector with variable size and softness.

You now have an exact object-shaped window for color correction. Traxim is standard with our new ColorDrome Color Correction Workstation.

ColorDrome works with TRAXIM to provide LookEffects like this blur function in addition to primary and secondary color correction.

TRAXIM also features advanced tracking software which automatically tracks objects frame after frame, even if they change size and shape. We'll have some demo movies showing this soon!

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