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 Auto-Tracking Mattes for Telecine Color Correction, Effects, and Compositing

Is this you?

You've color corrected a scene, but want to bring one side of a face out of a shadow, add a sunset glow to a skyline, re-balance only the featured product or create one of a million other object or element-specific color corrections. So you use a variation of a rectangle or a circle with a little or a lot of softness and some key frames and maybe it doesn't work. The final color correction of these moving images may need to be finished in the effects suite. For the colorist it means less control

TRAXI'M brings object-specific color correction into the here and now.

With TRAXIM, you just select the desired object to be corrected with a quick and easy broad highlight stroke using a pen and tablet or a mouse. Voila! In an instant, TRAXIM finds the objects' edges using machine vision, artificial intelligence techniques and shows you the window that is the actual outline of the object. You can then touch it up, make it over-or under-size, soften the entire window or just its less-defined edges. Now you have a window the exact shape of the object to be corrected.

Windows that fit like a glove mean you can do a full primary re-balance, not just a secondary tweak.

Once you've defined your window, you play the scene into TRAXIM's integral DDR (Digital Disc Recorder) and tell TRAXIM to automatically track the object through the scene. TRAXIM steadily shows you the tracking window, frame-by-frame, giving you the chance to "re-tweak" it. You will be amazed at how accurately TRAXIM tracks objects that are changing size and shape.

Compatible with most color correctors with a key input, TRAXIM generates the window and your color corrector does the color correction. To complete the quick and easy operation, TRAXIM chase-locks your telecine to its integral DDR so your new window is always right there, frame-accurate, being fed to your color corrector's key input. Better tools. Better job.
If your color corrector isn't key input compatible, TRAXIM still works for you, acting as both windowing software and color corrector. You can then store the results on TRAXIM, where it will be chase locked to the telecine for you to sequence together with scenes that come directly from the telecine.

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